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Full Digital Trolley 4D Echo Ultrasound Machine With LED Screen

Full Digital Trolley 4D Echo Ultrasound Machine With LED Screen

4D Echo Ultrasound Machine

Digital Trolley Echo Ultrasound Machine

4D Echo Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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Product Details
Product Name:
Laptop Ultrasound USG Scanner
Display Mode:
Key Board:
Standard Key Board And Backlight Key
Probe Socket:
Dual Probe Sockets
LED Screen
Li-ion Rechargeable
Measuring Function:
Distance,, Volume, Heart Rate,etc.
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Product Description

Full Digital Trolley 4D Echo Ultrasound Machine

Full Digital Trolley 4D Echo Ultrasound Machine For Gynecology 0


Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnosis System Series


Xianfeng 7 Series Color Doppler system has a unique shape of elegant atmosphere and the latest generation of application digital color Doppler diagnostic system which can be widely applicable to diagnose abdomen,obstetrics,gynecology,cardiac,mammary gland,musculoskeletal and peripheral vessel.

Full Digital Trolley 4D Echo Ultrasound Machine For Gynecology 1


Functional Features

* THI(Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
* Real-time 2D and Doppler Double Synchronization.
* Real-time 2D ,Doppler and Color triple synchronization.
* Free hand 3D imaging(Optional)
* Four-dimensional Imaging (4D Optional)
* Automatic measurement and analysis vascular intima
* Compound Imaging
* Probe Interface:Two Active Probe Interface
* Multimedia and peripheral devices:Compact Disc-Recordable,USB portable storage device.


1. 3D imaging technology
2. Sound velocity imaging technology optimization
3. Color Doppler Energy(CDE)
4. Pulse Wave Doppler imaging(PW)
5. Color Doppler resolution enhancement
6. Panoramic imaging,space compound imaging
7. Adaptive speckle noise suppression techniques
8. Ergonomic design,All-round display angle adjustment
9. Imaging optimization technology;Compound enhance technology
10. Imaging processing technology
11. Multi-beam parallel processing technology
12. Tissue harmonic imaging
13. Three activated ports,15/17'HR medical monitor
14. One Touch Optimize under different modes


Full Digital Trolley 4D Echo Ultrasound Machine For Gynecology 5


XF7800 Plus Full Digital Color Doppler System


Main Parameter 15〞LED displayer (Optional 1719〞LED).

Scanning mode: Convex, Trans-vaginal, high-frequency linear array,

Micro-convex;4D array;.

Big capacity lithium battery.
B/D dual-purpose: linear array: B/PWD; convex array: B/PWD;
Support the six languages.
Four activation connector
Gray scale: 256 levels.
Depth display: ≥250mm;
Dynamic range: 60~280dB adjustable.
Real-time images are shared within the LAN.
Self-motion optimize function.
IMT and PW automatic measurement function.
Image mode: digital beam forming, tissue harmonic imaging.
picture in picture zoom in and zoom part function.
Image storage, video storage, cine loop, disk storage capacity≥240G;
Frequency conversion: 2MHz-12MHz(Depending on the probe)
16 kinds of pseudo color encoding can optional.
E-zoom: magnify 2 times of real time image.
Focus position: dynamic electron focusing.
Application Mode Abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, superficial organ, urologist, heart and user defined model 1-4, total ten models;
Output Interface USB..DICOME. Video port.
USB used to connect USB devices; Video output, connecting video printer or monitor; LAN to connect the network cable;

Full Digital Trolley 4D Echo Ultrasound Machine With LED Screen 3

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