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70kPa 106kPa Digital Infrared Thermometer Portable Radiation Thermometer ODM

70kPa 106kPa Digital Infrared Thermometer Portable Radiation Thermometer ODM

106kPa Digital Infrared Thermometer

70kPa Portable Digital Radiation Thermometer

ODM Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Product Details
Product Name:
Laptop Ultrasound USG Scanner
Display Mode:
Key Board:
Standard Key Board And Backlight Key
Probe Socket:
Dual Probe Sockets
LED Screen
Li-ion Rechargeable
Measuring Function:
Distance,, Volume, Heart Rate,etc.
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Product Description

XF3800 (4D) Portable Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System
--Dynamic range: 0~120dB adjustable;
--Display mode: B, B/B, M, B/M, CFM, CMF/B, PDI, B/PW, CW and other modes;
--Application models: 11 models of abdomen, kidney, urinary system, obstetrics and gynecology, pelvis, small organs, muscle tissue, organs, breast, heart, etc.
-- One-key optimization function: preset multiple parameters on one button to adjust the focus, and realize rapid image optimization;
--B/D triple use: linear array: B/PW D; convex array: B/PW D;
--Pseudo-color processing: 16 kinds of pseudo-color coding are optional;
--Gain adjustment: 8-segment TGC, B/M/D/C can be adjusted independently; TGC curve can be automatically displayed and hidden;
-- Image enlargement: picture-in-picture enlargement and zoom function;
--Self-optimization function: built-in multiple inspection types, according to different inspection institutions, preset the best image inspection conditions, and reduce the number of adjustment operation keys.


Performance indexes Probe type and nominal frequency
2.0≤f<4.0 2.0≤f<5.0 5.0≤f<8.0 5.0≤f<10.0
a) probe type and model phased array (type TP16A)

Convex array

(type TC60A)


(type TC10A)

Linear array

(type TL40A)

b) nominal frequency (MHz) 3.0 3.5 6.5 7.5
c) Scan depth(mm) ≥140 ≥160 ≥40 ≥50
d) Lateral resolution (mm)





≤2(depth≤30) ≤2(depth≤40)
e) Axial resolution (mm) ≤2(depth≤80)



≤1(depth≤40) ≤1(depth≤50)
f) Blind area (mm) ≤7 ≤5 ≤4 ≤3
g) Transverse geometry precision (%) ≤20 ≤15 ≤10 ≤10
h) Longitudinal geometric location accuracy (%) ≤10 ≤10 ≤5 ≤5
i) Slice thickness (mm) ≤5 ≤5 ≤5 ≤5
j) Perimeter and area measured deviation (%) ≤±20 ≤±20 ≤±20 ≤±20
k) M mode time display error (%) ≤±10 ≤±10 ≤±10 ≤±10


Obstetric application measurement

Obstetric applications measurements are used to calculate gestational age (GA) and estimated due date(EDD), By measuring the fetal development indicators, including fetal weight, and fetal growth curve, Fetal Physiology score to see if the fetal development is normal .


Measuring Items Contents
Fetal measuring item Measure fetal parameter ( such as the GS, CR,BPD ,HC )
Fetal Doppler Measurements include umbilical artery and middle cerebral artery, Uterine artery measurement item
Fetal calculating item calculate the gestational age and fetal weight
AFI measure depth of the amniotic fluid to calculate the AFI
EFW Through fetal growth parameters to estimate the fetal weight
Fetal Physiology score Through quite a long period of observation based on the ultrasound images of the fetal , according to the fetal growth parameters which is through testing or measurement , by certain standards of grading speculate the fetal status by certain grading standands , make as a clinical reference index.

Class II Abdominal Scan Doppler Ultrasound Machine PW CFM PDI Mode 5

Class II Abdominal Scan Doppler Ultrasound Machine PW CFM PDI Mode 6

Class II Abdominal Scan Doppler Ultrasound Machine PW CFM PDI Mode 7


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